24 de April de 2019

Train Local, Stay Local with Modine Manufacturing

QA with C. Steve Langer, Vice President of Information Technology at Modine Manufacturing

What is a Network Specialist, and what do they do?

A Network Specialist is an integral role with an increasing demand at Modine. Network Specialists design, install, configure, administer, secure and maintain cross-platform enterprise network and cloud environments which run many of the critical business functions at Modine. Those who graduate from the Gateway program can come to Modine in various roles such as Network Specialists or Administrators, Network Infrastructure Specialists, Network Engineers, and IT Support Administrators. As a motivated technologist, a person must understand current technologies, and must be continuously exploring and experimenting with new technology solutions. A Network Specialist is someone who is inquisitive and wants to know how things work, thrives in a team environment, and continuously strives for improvement.

What makes a Gateway graduate stand out among other candidates?

The skills students develop throughout the program at Gateway are invaluable. Gateway students come to us already mastering base and mid-level skills which are required to successfully perform the day-to-day functions. Gateway’s program also has a real-world focus which allows students to gain relevant skills that are in demand in the job market. This is absolutely a differentiator among candidates with the same certifications from other programs. We also recognize the value to our community when members seek a local, higher education solution and career path.  The Gateway program has a fantastic reputation and is well respected in our community. 

What certifications or credentials do you look for?

For the role of Network Specialist, we are generally seeking Cisco Certifications such as the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). We are also a Microsoft shop, so we desire candidates that have the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) designation as well.  All of the certifications we require can be attained by students completing the Network Specialist program at Gateway. The Gateway students are taught using the Microsoft curriculum and participate in the Cisco Networking Academy. We are confident as hiring managers that students who come to us having completed this program are well-prepared and can hit the ground running.

What are the long-term career/growth opportunities for those willing to continue to build their skills?

Growth opportunities are unlimited from a Modine standpoint. IT is only becoming more critical in organizations everywhere as systems become more connected. Modine offers unlimited growth potential for someone with a strong skill-set, the desire to advance, and a great attitude. We allow you to build upon your technical skills by becoming engaged with our expanding capabilities and working on critical projects. As experiences are gained and skills are advanced, there is an opportunity to advance to the design and architecture level of the solution. The sky’s the limit at Modine!

As it relates to Modine how important is this position?

The Network Specialist position is critical to Modine’s continued success and is ultimately the backbone of our global structure. Due to the integral part new technology plays at Modine, there will be an increasing demand for Network Specialists in the future. The connectivity of our systems, employees, and departments internally and externally is crucial to our day-to-day operations. Because this field is always changing and ever evolving, this role will only continue to grow and become more relevant as time goes on.

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